Making it in the Music Business

The world is full of interesting, talented musicians and artists. Some of them make a living of music, others don’t, despite years of effort. Some don’t even want to be professional musicians but keep it as a fun hobby. What is the deciding factor for who makes it and who doesn’t? Surely it’s not talent… Something else, charisma? Or just hard work? Or meeting right people at the right time? Making the right choices?

Today it is easier than ever for a musician or an artist to publish his or her work and reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of fans. True, it is not easy to get payment for publishing of your music. There are famous urban stories about the tiny earnings of Lady Gaga through streaming, or calculation of what an artist gets from thousands of plays in YouTube.

However, there are also those who make a living through selling music online, selling fan items, touring, and many other ways. The key seems to be differentiation and self-initiative. An artist needs to find a way to differ from others, to be charismatic, to be genuine, to be alternative, to give value for money for a potential fan who just wants to se or hear something interesting. An artist needs to take the initiative to push the envelope, to find new ways to raise interest, to provide music, stories, products – and personality.

There are those who make it out there, against all odds! They all have that something that makes them special.